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Remote Operations Center

Gridforce has been operating generation resources since 2001 under automatic generation control (AGC) using its customized Energy Management System. Gridforce’s experience with remote start of generation extends back to the mid – 2000s, when municipalities operating as NERC certified Load-only Balancing Authorities in Arkansas that were transmission dependent needed to implement remote generation starts to manage their peak power needs.

Gridforce has recently expanded its remote operation services to start and operation of peaking generation facilities and solar and wind generating resources.


Market Operation Center and Local Control Center Services in PJM provide 24 x 7 monitoring and dispatch of generation and transmission facilities, outage coordination, and single point of contact for PJM reliability activities by PJM certified system operators.

Transmission Operator

Gridforce’s EMS provides real time monitoring of breaker status, voltage, MW and MVar flow for our clients’ transmission facilities. We coordinate with Independent System Operators, neighboring Transmission Operators, Balancing Authorities and our clients for modeling, planning and executing switching orders.

Balancing Authority

Revolutionary accomplishments have been made by Gridforce in regard to creating effective and cost efficient Balancing Authorities throughout NERC. Generation only, Load only and Wind only Balancing Authorities are proving to be excellent resources for our clients.

Energy Reconciliation

We capture and store revenue meter information from actual grid activity. This serves to insulate our customers from the heavy financial impacts of potential penalties and to ensure accurate energy reconciliation.